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2013-01-28 17:25:40 by Seymour

One can look at Freedom Planet from a glance and think, "OH HEY, SONIC FANGAME, LAME, 0/10!"
But if you take the time to play it and watch how it works, it is so much more than that, this is a game that has taken on a style of it's own, while bringing homage to classic games we all know and love aside from Sonic, like Megaman, Gunstar, Mario, and so on.
Featuring the voices of Dawn Bennett of illwillpress, SonicMega, Omahdon, KaggyVA, ATheatricalSongBird, Myself, and many more
Kickstarter Fund

So if you got the money, we would love to see some more donations, so we can push this game from a good indie game, to hopefully one of the best, if you donate at least $10, you can get the full game for free, and a code to get it on Steam (if we are greenlit). Also be sure to check the out the demo available to download where you can play as either Lilac or Carol.

Happy gaming!



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2013-01-29 07:41:48

Sonic still better !!!!
pay to play meh suucccckkksss !!!


2013-01-28 22:23:29

It really is a fun game mechanically, and it's a shame to see people dismiss it because of the Sonic stigma.

Seymour responds:

We talked to our boss to see if we can drop the "The ____" from their titles, it may help lower the Sonic Stigma on release date :)


2013-01-28 19:56:59



2013-01-28 17:34:23

~ pay 10 dollars to get it for free

Seymour responds:

Think of it this way, if it comes out and it's 15 dollars, you got it on discount before hand, it's like a rebate :P