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How about them Mega Evolutions?

2013-09-05 00:21:40 by Seymour

Cool stuff with that sequence, but di-di-dija notice anything off?

But seriously, XY will be the best thing to happen to the series since HG/SS remakes.

Calem - Myself
Venusaur - SonicMega (
Sound by Myself
Music by 和田光司

How about them Mega Evolutions?


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2013-09-06 16:25:39

dis is gonna be cool


2013-09-05 07:49:04

They look fucking retarded. Blastoise looks like some failed Power Rangers robot with downs syndrome. I hate X and Y already. The legendaries look ridiculous too.


2013-09-05 05:54:32

Mega Penisaur.


2013-09-05 05:38:09

You can tell that Charizard was a bit more of a labor of love by Nintendo though... Racists. ;)


2013-09-05 05:15:13

It's like Super Saiyan but with Pokemon. :|


2013-09-05 05:05:32

Mega Meganium


2013-09-05 00:33:25

I like them, though Venusaur.... pretty much looks the same. I wonder if MegaCharizard will become Fire/Dragon Type. Pumped for MegaBlastoise, my favourite water starter Pokémon.

Seymour responds:

I think it was confirmed that their typing will stay the same, so poor Zard is still gonna get wrecked by Rocks. Less by water now though thanks to ability Drought.