2017 Submissions

5. Married One Morning Drama Voice
Character Demo 2014 Voice Demo Song
I Can Go The Distance (Cover) Miscellaneous Song
VO Reel 2013 Voice Demo Voice
Definition of the Otaku Informational Voice
Seymour Commercial Demo [fixed Voice Demo Voice
Sailorscouts have a probz Comedy Voice
Employee of The Month MK2 Comedy Voice
NG Voice Acting Contest 8 Comedy Voice
Hey um listen... Comedy Song
I Have No Son! Comedy Loop
NGF11 - Wireless Moonwalker Voice Demo Song
PKMN "Trainers" - Realizations Comedy Loop
What Space Marines Want Comedy Loop
Arceus the Almighty Comedy Loop
KAKOW! Comedy Loop
Vintage Social Networking Comedy Loop
Oglaf Audio: Labyrinths Comedy Loop
Enter, Mindfuck! Comedy Loop
Koffi! Comedy Loop
Let's Go Scyther!! Comedy Loop
Friendship is Magic Drama Loop
Seymour as 51 Pokemon Voice Demo Loop
Exquisite Philosoraptor Comedy Song
Kamehameha Drama Loop
The King of Hyrule is a Jerk Comedy Song
Every Mainstream Anime Ever Comedy Loop
"Creativity" Act It! Audition Drama Loop
Lumpy Parents (fan-voiceover) Comedy Loop
I Said Lump Off!! Voice Demo Loop
Comic: Employee of the Month Comedy Song
Pick-Up Line Collab Comedy Song
Character Demo 2011 (Seymour) Voice Demo Song
Commercial Demo 2011 (Seymour) Voice Demo Song
VGCats #289:Early Bird Special Comedy Loop
Prof. Layton&The Hidden Secret Comedy Loop
DRW40K: Secret Longing Voice Demo Loop
Dragons Rage Voice Demo Song
DRW40: Why D'You Say His Name? Voice Demo Loop
DRW40K: Don't Say His Name! Voice Demo Loop
Dr. Le' Quack hacked you! Voice Demo Loop
Da Real Wurld 40K:Pictionarium Voice Demo Loop
Da Real Wurld 40K: Darn Kids Voice Demo Loop
4chan, dot Oooooorrrg? Voice Demo Loop
[Spoiler] Mother 3 End IANS Voice Demo Loop
Happy Comic-con Voice Demo Loop
Go Fish Voice Demo Loop
HEY SON! Voice Demo Loop
Jurassic Park 06 Trailer Voice Demo Song
Jurassic Park 05 Trailer Voice Demo Song
Jurassic Park 04 Trailer Voice Demo Song
How NOT 2 audition for fandubs Voice Demo Song
Choose A Starter Voice Demo Song
Little Timmy's Christmas Story Voice Demo Song