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Seymour's News

Posted by Seymour - May 12th, 2016

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls…I give you… The 1st Episode of THIS CONTROLLER SUCKS!
Created by Jason Lord and Myself, where we take the trope of “This game sucks cause my controller is terrible!” and create awful controllers to play and rage with.
Please share around if you can~!

Posted by Seymour - April 11th, 2016

Hey hey hey!!
Looking for voice overs for your animation, web series, games, or even personal request? :D
Well I am opening back up commissions for one solid price on all!

Each scripted line is $4 (USD) each!
Simple as that~

For demo samples you can check out my website atwww.patrickmseymour.co.nr

For inquiries you can email me at patrickseymourva@yahoo.com!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by Seymour - April 21st, 2015

Sup Guys,

Looking to get back into doing some voice acting for Newgrounds, been a looong time.
Small little sample reel of my voice 

If you got a project that you need a spare voice for, give me a shout~





Posted by Seymour - July 21st, 2014



You can hear the voice talent of Dawn Michelle Bennett As Sash Lilac, Andi Lott as Carol Tea, Aimee Smith as Milla Bassett, Sean Chiplock as Spade, Alejandro Saab VA as Zao, Jason Lord as Serpentine, Alexander Vas Normandy as Brevon, Victoria Vitti as SYNTAX, Edwyn Tiong as Magister, and Myself as Commander Torque!

Big tip of the hat to Stephen DiDuro and the crew for all their hard work, it's a been long journey, and NOW WE CAN SHOW THEM JUST WHAT WE ACCOMPLISHED!!

Share with your friends, family, gaming acquaintances, cause 90's High Speed Platforming IS BACK!

Posted by Seymour - March 3rd, 2014


Good Evening gentleman and ladies of Newgrounds,

First up,

Character Demo 2014

I got my demo reel updated, I would love to thank Peter Gerkman for his sweet mixing skills, and his live directing. And to the many voice over friends who gave me tips and tricks to improve my drive and rhythm. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Callum Stamp and his band "Bounds of Modesty" got their latest music video up, and highly reccomend checking it and giving it a listen and/or share with friends, they put a lot of hard work and love into this video and song, I was damn well honored to be able to lend my voice to the intro. Have a good night~



Posted by Seymour - November 6th, 2013

Just a little reel of stuff from the past 3 years I've certainly enjoyed (or found good footage of)

Markos - Tales of Nalstone
Announcer - Project Z.E.D. (featuring Peter Gerkman as Inch)
Satan - Hell of a Job
Vincent - Beasts Fury
Fireman - Robot Masters
Rick - Tales of Nalstone (featuring Meredith Sims as Lily)
Tomato Man and Celery Man - Super Great Celery Man
Penguin Priest - Heroes of Newerth
Ghost - Most Ghost (featuring Anthony Sardinha as Hunter)
Keaton - A Keaton's Tale
Old Man and Clerk - Old Man McDouche
Arceus and Announcer - Arceus The Almighty

Hope you are all getting ready to get fat off turkey and buy tons of shit the next day.

Posted by Seymour - September 29th, 2013

I mean Pokemon X and Y,
I'll take the super disco ninja Frog and Bulbasaur, please and thank you.

Also, VG/Animation Demo is active again if you want to take a listen.

Beasts Fury is going along very well, their latest update involves finalizing the BG stage for one area, and shading my Character's (Vincent's) idle stance, check it out~

Freedom Planet has gone through some serious changes as well, with better sprite work and more balanced gameplay.
It also has a steam community to join now, where you can chat with the programmers, the composer, and of course the voice actors :)

Lastly, it was recently announced that I will be voicing in the upcoming game, "Sierra Ops", as Almon Rutherford, check out the site and the lovely japanese style animation behind it.

Also below is a photo of my guy, with his damngingersoulessfaceohmygod.

So what do you think of these, anything you would like to see for them to include in the game? Be sure to comment, and check out the reel when you can, VO's can always use notes~


Voice Acting stuff and Pokemon X Maverick Hunters comes out in two weeks

Posted by Seymour - September 5th, 2013

Cool stuff with that sequence, but di-di-dija notice anything off?

But seriously, XY will be the best thing to happen to the series since HG/SS remakes.

Calem - Myself
Venusaur - SonicMega (http://youtube.com/user/SonicMega)
Sound by Myself
Music by 和田光司

How about them Mega Evolutions?

Posted by Seymour - July 10th, 2013

Ever wanted like a ringtone, or notification sound, or some other random thing voiced by me, well now you can! For the modest price of $1, you can have your very own requested sound for your use only! Involving any type of voice you would like! And if you want at least 3 or more sounds, I'll drop it to $0.50 each!

As for full lines for an animation, audio, or song, we can discuss a price~

All payments must be done via paypal, message me on here for your request! And provide an email to send the final sounds to!


NOTE: I cannot do any copyrighted material.. Just need to point that out.

Mini Voice and Voice Commissions Open!

Posted by Seymour - April 22nd, 2013

Panel I did on the basics of voice acting with Peter Gerkman.
Was a lot of fun to do~!


Summer draws near, which means my schedule is getting emptier, so if you need voices for any upcoming animations, send me a message :D