Turbo Chicken is out to eat your kids

2012-11-14 09:00:31 by Seymour

AND PERHAPS YOUR DICK! [maybe not, I don't know]


In other news,
DMT was released a week back and should be watched too, cause it will make you feel feels

Also, if you have a computer, dem Iphones, or even an Android, there's two games coming onto those systems you can hear me in :)
Castle Dracula (As The Butler)
A Castlevania like story, mixed with the aspects of Classic Point and Click Puzzle/Adventure, which plenty of monsters to face.
You can also hear the familiar voices of,
Sarifus as Luke (The Protagonist)
Michele Knotz as Grace
LordChevaros as Dracula
Antfish as The Werewolf
And many more lovely talents
So pick it up when you got the chance, gonna be a good time-killing game~

Beast Boxing Turbo [As Steve The Fitness Skeleton]
Mike Tyson's Punch Out + Monsters + Upgrading System= This Game.
Need I say more?
Go get it.


That's all for today,
Eat your chicken, Punch Dracula in the face, and layoff the drugs,

Good Night,

Turbo Chicken is out to eat your kids


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2012-11-14 13:20:05

Holy crap... I grabbed a screenshot from Turbo Chicken to potentially post on our Tumblr page and it's the exact same frame.

Seymour responds: