Freedom Planet and Beasts Fury, a Thank you, and a HELP!

2013-02-16 08:28:21 by Seymour

Freedom Planet

Thank you so much for all the help, we landed over 1200% of the money we needed to fund this game, and because of that, my character is actually now playable! Now you can kill me all you want next year!

That being said, where there is good, there is bad
Beasts Fury

Sadly this game where I voice the lead man, is not running well on funds, a fighting game that takes the anthropomorphic aspect, and makes it semi-realistic, it has a very small budget, so any unused coin you have would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a photo of Vincent, my guy.

Also if you need any voice work, send me a message :)


Freedom Planet and Beasts Fury, a Thank you, and a HELP!


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2013-02-16 09:19:34

Congrats on the first one! The character looks awesome, but I'm not much for regular brawlers. Freedom Planet looks like great fun though.


2013-02-16 10:49:07

Has this guy ever put out a game before?

Seymour responds:

Which one? Beasts Fury's guy or Freedom Planet's?


2013-02-16 11:55:54

Beasts Fury.
The first one has loads of gameplay and animation, so the guys on that game seem pretty productive.

Seymour responds:

Oh yea this is his first game :)