How about them Mega Evolutions?

2013-09-05 00:21:40 by Seymour

Cool stuff with that sequence, but di-di-dija notice anything off?

But seriously, XY will be the best thing to happen to the series since HG/SS remakes.

Calem - Myself
Venusaur - SonicMega (
Sound by Myself
Music by 和田光司

How about them Mega Evolutions?


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2013-09-05 00:33:25

I like them, though Venusaur.... pretty much looks the same. I wonder if MegaCharizard will become Fire/Dragon Type. Pumped for MegaBlastoise, my favourite water starter Pokémon.

Seymour responds:

I think it was confirmed that their typing will stay the same, so poor Zard is still gonna get wrecked by Rocks. Less by water now though thanks to ability Drought.


2013-09-05 05:05:32

Mega Meganium


2013-09-05 05:15:13

It's like Super Saiyan but with Pokemon. :|


2013-09-05 05:38:09

You can tell that Charizard was a bit more of a labor of love by Nintendo though... Racists. ;)


2013-09-05 05:54:32

Mega Penisaur.


2013-09-05 07:49:04

They look fucking retarded. Blastoise looks like some failed Power Rangers robot with downs syndrome. I hate X and Y already. The legendaries look ridiculous too.


2013-09-06 16:25:39

dis is gonna be cool