Visual VO Reel 2010-2013

2013-11-06 23:12:09 by Seymour

Just a little reel of stuff from the past 3 years I've certainly enjoyed (or found good footage of)

Markos - Tales of Nalstone
Announcer - Project Z.E.D. (featuring Peter Gerkman as Inch)
Satan - Hell of a Job
Vincent - Beasts Fury
Fireman - Robot Masters
Rick - Tales of Nalstone (featuring Meredith Sims as Lily)
Tomato Man and Celery Man - Super Great Celery Man
Penguin Priest - Heroes of Newerth
Ghost - Most Ghost (featuring Anthony Sardinha as Hunter)
Keaton - A Keaton's Tale
Old Man and Clerk - Old Man McDouche
Arceus and Announcer - Arceus The Almighty

Hope you are all getting ready to get fat off turkey and buy tons of shit the next day.


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2013-11-07 18:37:42

Great Voice acting reel. Really talented,