Mini Voice and Voice Commissions Open!

2013-07-10 02:37:19 by Seymour

Ever wanted like a ringtone, or notification sound, or some other random thing voiced by me, well now you can! For the modest price of $1, you can have your very own requested sound for your use only! Involving any type of voice you would like! And if you want at least 3 or more sounds, I'll drop it to $0.50 each!

As for full lines for an animation, audio, or song, we can discuss a price~

All payments must be done via paypal, message me on here for your request! And provide an email to send the final sounds to!


NOTE: I cannot do any copyrighted material.. Just need to point that out.

Mini Voice and Voice Commissions Open!


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2013-07-10 02:52:38

I like your shirt :D

Seymour responds:

Thank you :D


2013-07-10 19:29:03

Your stuffs legit :)

Seymour responds:

Thanks :)


2013-07-10 21:43:43

I need females voice actors